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Momo. Is a game im making. I thinking to make it online like cp!

Here is the town!


Player card


And if u wanna help me making the game it wuld be awsome! Cuz  i dont know how to put on online (flash)

Then if U know how to put games online (flash)

Ur job wil be make it online i wil make the pictures u put in the game!

When we are finish with the game. You wil be an Beta+Get secret items!
And ur wil be like

(rockhopper) giving oute a free bg!
If ur intressed send a comment!

Ore vissit

And send me a private message!
Thx for reading this

And for players who dosent helped me wil only be betas.

After beta u can Go around andhave fun!

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penguin-tube2 Coming soon…

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Club penguin: My igloo


Happy halloween!!!

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  1. Penguin Tube is open now Send me a Youtube Link wit club penguin and i post it on Penguin Tube!

  2. :O No comments?

  3. 😆

  4. Here send inn the be a cpa member

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